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Seven Lonely Places, Seven Warm Places
The Vices and Virtues for Children
April Bolton; Illustrated by Brent Beck

"Sin is lonely. And children understand 'lonely.' Sin puts us in places where we are alone and where we don't want to be...Virtue is warm. And children understand being warm, feeling love and feeling loved. We all know the warm feeling we have when something we have done or said makes another person feel good." —From the Introduction

Virtue and vice are hard to explain, especially to little ones who always ask why they must share or say "thank you," and why they must not be angry or eat all the cookies. When "because I said so" is no longer enough, it is time for Seven Lonely Places, Seven Warm Places.

With imaginative illustrations that give concrete, immediate examples of the seven "deadly" sins, this book explains how Pride, Greed, Envy, Anger, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth can make us very lonely people. Then it offers the cure, the four cardinal and three theological virtues—Prudence, Justice, Courage, Temperance, Faith, Hope, and Charity—that can mend relationships and rebuild what sin has broken.

Beyond the tired preaching and moralizing that are part of every parent’s day, offer your child the warmth of virtue, with this gentle, charming book, and revisit for yourself that virtuous feeling of loving and being loved.
APRIL BOLTON, a recipient of the Elliston Prize for Poetry at the University of Cincinnati, is a writer, book editor and mother of three (very virtuous) children. Her columns and essays have appeared in The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Cincinnati Post and her poetry has been published in several regional reviews. BRENT BECK is excited to be illustrating his first book. After filling countless notebooks with everything from crayon drawings to paintings, Brent can finally show his family how he's put all of this to good use. When he's not drawing on napkins and tablecloths, Brent enjoys spending time around Cincinnati with his wife, Diane, their two cats, and the chipmunks and rabbits that live under the marigolds.
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