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Will I See My Pet in Heaven?
Children's Edition
Friar Jack Wintz

Friar Jack wants you to know: God loves and cares for all creatures, including and especially those we are closest to!

"Today at school, one of the kids told me that only humans go to heaven," my young friend, Eva Maria said. "I almost started to cry. Is that true, Friar Jack?"

She went on, "My dog Daisy is my best friend. When I get home she jumps into my arms and licks my face. Wouldn't God want her to be with me in heaven?" Eva Maria looked at me, waiting for my answer...

"We don't know everything God has planned for us in heaven," I told Eva. "But there are many good reasons for you to believe that your dog, cat, fish, hamster, snake, ferret, iguana—or any other creature that God created—will go to heaven when it dies. God has given us clues and hints in stories from the Bible and in the teachings of my favorite saint, Francis of Assisi..."
As a long-time editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, FRIAR JACK WINTZ, O.F.M., has interviewed many fascinating people, from Mother Teresa of Calcutta to Gene Kelly, Bob Newhart to Martin Sheen. Friar Jack is the author of Friar Jack's Favorite Prayers (Franciscan Media) and the e-newsletter Friar Jack's E-spirations. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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