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Here on the Way to There
A Catholic Perspective on Dying and What Follows
William H. Shannon

"This is written for those who are 'here, but almost there,' which really means all of us mortals," the author writes in the introduction. "I hope to discuss: How does 'life here' relate to 'life there?' How does 'life here' prepare us for 'life there?' and how can we help those who are imminently close to 'there' ready themselves for the big transition? How do we ready ourselves for that same experience? And finally there is the really big question: What can we say about 'life there?' What is it like?"

In this gentle, witty book, William Shannon tackles the essential questions for all mortals: How can a mature consideration of death contribute to a richer, more complete life? How can we face the inevitable (for ourselves and others) with good sense, dignity and faith? What do we, as Catholics, believe about life after death?
WILLIAM H. SHANNON, professor emeritus in the religious studies department at Nazareth College, is a priest of the Diocese of Rochester, New York. He is the author of numerous books, including Thomas Merton’s Paradise Journey: Writings on Contemplation, ‘Something of a Rebel’: Thomas Merton, His Life and Works—An Introduction and Exploring the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He is the founding president of the International Thomas Merton Society.
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